AeroTURN Pro 3D 5.0


On October 21, 2015, AeroTURN® Pro 3D was succeeded by AviPLAN Airside Pro.

AviPLAN Airside Pro carries on where its predecessors, AeroTURN Pro 3D and PathPlanner™ Airside+, left off to deliver a unique feature-set tailored to meet the specific challenges faced by today’s airside planning, design and operations professionals. AviPLAN Airside Pro’s functionality has been developed and refined over many years, and is the result of knowledge and input from in-house airport planning experts and developers as well as equipment manufacturers, airport operators and consultants from around the world.

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The Complete CAD Software for 3D Airside Design, Planning, and Operations

AeroTURN® Pro 3D is dynamic and intuitive software for designing airport gate layouts with docking of aircraft and passenger boarding bridges. Together with aircraft and support vehicle turn simulations makes AeroTURN Pro 3D the top choice among airport engineer, designers, and consultants worldwide.

Technological breakthrough in gate design

New support for multiple boarding bridges and lead-in lines allow you to perform and test complex docking scenarios for maximum efficiency at each gate. Design flexible stands that can handle a wide range of different aircraft classes or large, multi-deck aircraft.

The Growing Importance of 3D in Airside Design
AeroTURN 3D Video

3D enhances designs and improves visualization

AeroTURN Pro 3D provides the additional level of detail that airport planners need to perform and safely check aircraft and ground vehicle simulations during complex turning maneuvers.
With tarmac space at a premium and larger aircraft coming online over the past few years, AeroTURN Pro 3D puts key gate visualizations and lead-in line calculations at your fingertips. Soar to new heights in efficiency with AeroTURN Pro 3D.

AeroTURN Pro 3D Benefits and Advantages

Save time and effort
Working with AeroTURN Pro 3D's comprehensive specifications library of passenger boarding bridges, aircraft, and support vehicles means less time sourcing all this different information.

Ground your costs
With no other costly additional modules, AeroTURN Pro 3D has all the designing, analysis, and reporting tools for your airside planning needs. Ideal to meet budget targets

All clear with your results
No more endless trial and error to layout and check slopes of bridges, reaches, or airside movements - calculations are done for you.

AeroTURN Pro Training Options

Learn how to effectively use AeroTURN Pro to model aircraft simulations for all types of airside projects. Choose from self-paced training manuals, instructor-led online courses, or even an onsite classroom setting. Click here to learn more about AeroTURN Pro training opportunities.

AeroTURN Pro 3D Live Webinars

Register today for a free, live AeroTURN Pro 3D webinar presentation with our aviation specialist Product Manager. See for yourself why AeroTURN Pro 3D is the ideal CAD software for 3D airport gate designing and apron planning. Click here to view the upcoming webinar schedule.